Building Maintenance Chattanooga

MCS provides General building services such as painting, minor plumbing and electrical. MCS can repair and patch holes in drywall prior to painting.

Our building maintenance services:

  • Paint & RepairMCS Painting Service is professional painting service we offer. We work with clients to properly and thoroughly transform the existing look of their properties. A minor home improvement that can make a big difference is painting your property, and we’re the contractors that can complete the job. We have a painting contractor that can work with you and your project so that you can have a property that stands out to your liking. If you want to paint your dull and weary walls, you shouldn’t do it alone because you might do more damage than making it look beautiful. You should hire a painting service to handle everything and doll up your home’s walls. These painting masters have extensive knowledge, skills, and proper equipment. That’s why they can do the job as perfectly and efficiently as possible. Now, if you’re not familiar with any painters, you can reach out to the professionals from MCS Painting Service. If you’re living around Chattanooga, TN, our painting team can immediately help you!
  • Interior PaintingOur interior painting service follows step-by-step procedures to ensure quality results. We do this by properly and carefully prepping the surface, smoothening out any rough or uneven areas. We will also choose the right type of paint designed specifically for the kind of material that the interior wall is made up of. This will ensure a smooth and seamless finish. When applying the paint, we will be using tools such as paintbrushes and rollers. Extension ladders, masking tape, and other supplies will also be used depending on the design of the wall. So, if your interiors still need to be painted, you now know which interior painter to turn to!
  • Exterior PaintingOur exterior painting services guarantee exceptional results because of the methods that we follow. First, we prepare the materials and tools needed. We’ll choose the appropriate paint product and we’ll also bring an extension ladder or a long roller so that we can paint tall walls. Second, we’ll make sure that these walls are clean and paint-free so that there won’t be any inconsistencies. Third, we’ll proceed to paint the exterior walls of your house. If you want a bit of color to the outer walls of your house, you know who to call for proper painting services.
  • DryWall Repair
  • Electrical / Plumbing
Phone: (423) 401-3000
Mon-Fri: 8:00 am – 6:00 pm
Sat: 8:00 am – 5:00 pm
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